Different Career Paths in the Health and Social Care Industry

Health and social care relates to services which involves helping and assisting those who need extra care and support due to disability, old age, illness and poverty. Local authorities and private organisations with an aim to help them lead a normal life and keep their independence and dignity provide these services.

There are a range of vocational and academic courses like GNVQ, A-Level and S/NVQ, which can be pursued to qualify as a care provider. Subjects involved in health and social care studies are sociology, biology, law, ethics and nutrition that cover every aspect of issues that carers deal with. Those who pursue this line of study get hands on experience through work placements alongside their studies in nurseries; care homes, hospitals and other related establishments.

Various jobs in the health and social care industry are categorised into:

Care Assistant Jobs – Varies according to the nature of the job and is further classified into-

Personal Care Assistant or PCA – Assist people with disability and illness in their day-to-day activities within or outside their homes.

Emergency Care Assistant or ECA – Assist qualified paramedics and medical technicians in accidents and emergency’s. Responds to emergency calls and usually the first responder who observes patients vital signs and take necessary information at the scene.

Ambulance Care Assistant or ACA – Assist in transporting patients to and from the hospital and also admits, transfers and discharges patients. Helps patients to get to their appointments and make sure that they are settled after transporting them back home. Maintaining constant contact with control room when out and about and updating the team with any changes. Responsible for routine check-up and maintenance of allotted hospital vehicle.

Care Home Jobs – Duties involve coordinating care and resources, house cleaning, maintaining personal hygiene, making meals and health improvement activities and exercises.

Community Care Jobs – Provide aid and access to patients based on their personal care plan. Assist in personal hygiene, toilet functions, prescriptions, diet monitoring, attending medical appointments, walking, and exercising, shopping, pension collection, reading, writing and providing companionship.

Nursing Jobs – This role involves a range of duties and a broad scope of responsibility. The job involves working closely with the health care team and administering the prescribed treatment, medication and care given by physicians. Since the role involves close contact and interaction with patients, nurses are expected to have a calming personality and the ability to aid in the recovery process.

Why Are Health and Social Care Jobs Necessary?

n modern civilized societies Health and Social Care Jobs are necessary for a number of different reasons. The majority of organizations and facilities that provide this type of service have been designed and developed to take care of a multitude of medically maligned citizens from the local community. These facilities normally specialize in the type of care or services they are capable of providing. Most people associate this industry with taking care of the elderly when they begin to lose the necessary faculties to tend and take care of themselves. While this is a sector of the industry it is not the only area that requires services of this nature. There are also facilities and career opportunities for those that take care of the physically and mentally challenged.

Regardless of what type of Health and Social Care Jobs a facility uses to provide the level of service they are intended for all of these employment opportunities serve a very important necessity for their communities. Families that have elderly members in need of constant and continuous care are seldom able to provide a suitable solution within the dynamics of the immediate family. They have careers, hobbies, children and additional obligations that prevent them from attending to their older cherished family members even if they wanted to. In order for them to provide the best possible care and lifestyle for these elders it becomes necessary for them to employ the services of an outside resource.

Health and Social Care Jobs of the mentally or physical challenged variety are also a necessity for many of the same reasons. Families that have an adversely affected member within them do not normally have the time, education or equipment to handle providing quality care for the relative. Rather than complicate matters and reduce the quality of life for their affected family member they may decide to enlist the services of a local provider to assist them with maintaining a suitable lifestyle for themselves and their treasured relative. The services these organizations are able to provide will eliminate the need for worry within the family and ensure the continued smooth operation of running and maintaining an active household and lifestyle.

The Health and Social Care Jobs industry continues to receive increased scrutiny in many societies. The steps and procedures that these facilities employ to provide care for their clients are almost always mandated by a government agency responsible for ensuring the safety of the citizens it is in place to protect. The majority of misinformation regarding archaic and outdated levels of care derived from improper and unregulated practices that were common place in the previous history of the industry. In this day and age these facilities are regarded as a blessing by most of the families that employ them. They are no longer viewed as a place where experimental procedures are performed on unknowing or unaware patients. Interested parties should take the time to visit one of these facilities before making a decision on which one they would like to use for themselves or an affected family member.